32 Cards by Kingmaker

32 Cards is a card game developed by Kingmaker that offers a unique twist on traditional card game formats. The game uses a 32-card deck, with each card holding a value from 6 to 13. Face cards are assigned higher values, with Jacks representing 11, Queens representing 12, and Kings representing 13. The game has gained popularity among card game enthusiasts due to its combination of simplicity and strategic depth.

32 Cards presents an opportunity for players to challenge themselves and refine their strategic skills. The game is available to play at 8K8 for those interested in experiencing its unique gameplay dynamics.

32 Cards Key Information

Here’s a quick look at the essential details of 32 Cards by Kingmaker:

Detail Description
Game Title 32 Cards
Developer Kingmaker
Released Date 2023-10-09
Game Type Card Games
Max Win x14
Return to Player (RTP) 97%
Game Features Lightning Bonus
Compatible Platforms Windows, Android, iOS, HTML5

32 Cards Special Feature

“32 Cards” offers a special feature that makes the game exciting and dynamic:

Lightning Bonus

  • A bonus lightning symbol will appear every round and strike on a random bet option.
  • If it lands on your winning bet, you get a higher payout!

32 Cards Game Rules

32 Cards by Kingmaker provides a clear framework and guidelines for how to play this game. They ensure fairness and consistency in gameplay, helping players understand what is expected of them and how to compete. 

Score System

  • There are four bet options on the table. Each option has a default card valued from 8 to 11. 8=8 , 9=9, 10=10 and 11=11
  • The scores for each option = default card + additional card.
  • After placing your bet, the dealer will charge an additional card for each option. 
  • The value of each option is then calculated, with the highest scoring value being the winner.


Player 8 receives a 10: value is 8+10 = 18

Player 9 receives a 6: value is 9+6 = 15

Player 10 receives a J: value is 10+11 = 21

Player 11 receives a Q: value is 11+12 = 23

In this example, Player 11 has the highest value. If you had bet on Player 11, you would have won the game round.

Tie Solving

If two or more bet options have identical scores, the dealer will continue to deal cards for the players with tie scores until one wins.


It helps you understand what you must achieve to win specific prizes, enhancing your strategic decision-making during gameplay. 

Bet Options Payout Bonus Payout
Player 8 1:11 1:14
Player 9 1:4.5 1:5.7
Player 10 1:2.2 1:2.7
Player 11 1:1 1:1.3

32 Cards Winning Strategies

To improve your chances of winning in 32 Cards by Kingmaker Gaming, try using these simple strategies:

  1. Learn the Scoring System

Understand the Values: Each bet option, from Player 8 to Player 11, starts with a base card value. The final score for each player is the sum of this base value and an additional card dealt during the game. Knowing how these sums are calculated helps predict potential winners.

Review the Payouts: Learn the payouts for each betting option. Player 8 has higher payouts (1:11, bonus 1:14) because it’s less likely to win, while Player 11 offers lower payouts (1:1, bonus 1:1.3) but has a better chance of winning.

  1. Take Advantage of the Lightning Bonus

Boosted Payouts: The Lightning Bonus randomly increases the payout on a betting option each round. If it hits your bet, your winnings could be much larger.

Spread Your Bets: Since the bonus is random, placing smaller bets on multiple players might increase your chances of hitting a bonus payout.

  1. Use Dynamic Betting Wisely

Adjust Your Bets: Change your bets depending on how the game goes or your feelings about upcoming rounds. If you think a trend is forming, adjust your bets to match.

Balance Your Risks: It might be tempting to always go for the highest payout with Player 8, but spreading your bets to include more likely winners might work better over time.

  1. Handle Ties Smartly

Be Prepared for Extras: If there’s a tie, the game will deal more cards to those players. This can change the outcome, so be ready for the game to extend unexpectedly.

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