Rich Fishing by R88 Gaming

Rich Fishing by R88 Gaming invites players to immerse themselves in a vibrant underwater world teeming with colorful fish and diverse marine life. This online game provides a serene setting where players can relax and enjoy the peaceful ambiance while interacting with various engaging features at their own pace. This exciting game can be accessed at 8K8.

Rich Fishing Key Information

Here’s a detailed look at Rich Fishing by R88 Gaming:

Detail Description
Game Title Rich Fishing
Developer R88 Gaming
Released Date 2022-03-15
Game Type Fishing Games
Return to Player (RTP) 96.5%
Game Features Lucky Wheel, Lucky Bag, Special Weapons, and more
Compatible Platforms Windows, Android, iOS, HTML5

Rich Fishing Game Playing Room

Rich Fishing by R88 Gaming offers three betting levels:

  • Entry Level: Bet Php 0.10 – Php 10. This level is perfect for beginners or people who want to play it safe.
  • Middle Level: Bet Php 1—Php 100. This level is great for players with some experience who want to win more without betting too much.
  • High Level: Bet Php 10—Php 1000. This level is best for skilled players who are ready to bet more for the chance of bigger rewards.

Rich Fishing Paytable

In Rich Fishing, your potential winnings vary depending on the fish you catch. Here’s a simple guide to what you might win:

Symbol Payout
Dragon King 100x – 300x
Lucky Wheel 40x – 200x
Lucky Bags 2x – 1000x
Treasure Chest 50x – 150x
Sunken Ship 100x
Mermaid 80x
Machine Gun 10x
Drill Gun 10x
Normal Fish 2x – 50x

Exciting Features in Rich Fishing

Rich Fishing is loaded with features that enhance your gameplay and increase your chances of a big catch:

Dragon King

When the Dragon King appears, all players must cooperate to win bonuses. Before the Dragon King disappears, you can win 100 to 300 times your bet.

Lucky Wheel

When you catch the Lucky Wheel, you activate a special game. In this game, you spin a wheel to see if your luck pays off, with potential winnings from 40 to 200 times your stake.

Lucky Bags

If you spot the Lucky Bag symbol during the game, you’ll receive a Lucky Bag. In a mini-game, these bags can multiply your winnings by 2 to 1000 times.

Machine Gun

Using the Machine Gun gives you a 10-time multiplier on your wins. You can also randomly get 20 to 100 free rounds of ammunition. If you hit with these free rounds, you can use them to fire the machine gun again. The maximum ammo you can have is 999 rounds.

Drill Gun

Using the Drill Gun multiplies your winnings by 10 times. Additionally, you will receive a free drill gun to catch any type of fish in the game.

Rich Fishing Winning Strategies

In “Rich Fishing” by R88 Gaming, there are several effective strategies that you can use to enhance your chances of winning. 

  1. Choosing Your Difficulty: This game has different difficulty levels. Pick “Easy” if you’re new, “Medium” for some experience, and “Hard” if you’re a pro!
  2. Target Big Rewards: Aim for special targets in the game for bigger prizes! These are  “Lucky Wheel” or “Treasure Chest.” Working together with others can help you win even more!
  3. Use Power-Ups: There are special items you can use in the game that make you stronger or give you more rewards. Look for things like “Machine Gun” or “Drill Gun.”
  4. Manage Resources: The game has a limited number of items. Use them wisely to win the most you can!
  5. Don’t Worry About Disconnecting: You will only lose your progress if you get connected to the game! This lets you play without stress.

Game Mechanics at Rich Fishing

Rich Fishing by R88 Gaming offers a range of game mechanics that make it an engaging and interactive experience for players. Here’s a closer look at how these mechanics work:

  • This is a game where multiple players can participate. 
  • The path of each bullet you fire changes based on the direction you aim the cannon. When a bullet hits the edge of the game area, it bounces off until it hits a fish.
  • Each player gets up to 30 bullets, each with its betting value. 
  • Changing the bet on the cannon does not affect the bet value of bullets already fired.
  • The system automatically returns any bullets and betting points to the player if there is a disconnection during the game.

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