Mega Fishing by Jili Gaming

Mega Fishing is a fun game by Jili Gaming that lets you play fishing. It’s not just clicking buttons – you need some skill to catch the colorful fish! The game has pictures of the underwater world, just like you’re there. Anyone can play Mega Fishing, even if you’ve never fished before. It’s a great way to relax and see if you can catch a big one!

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Mega Fishing Key Information

Here’s a detailed look at Mega Fishing by Jili Gaming:

Detail Description
Game Title Mega Fishing
Developer Jili Gaming
Released Date 2021-10-20
Game Type Fishing Games
Max Win x950
Return to Player (RTP) 97%
Game Features Multiple Fish Types, Bonus Rounds, Power-Ups
Compatible Platforms Windows, Android, iOS, HTML5

Mega Fishing Game Playing Room

This Mega Fishing by Jili Gaming has 3 levels to choose from:

  • Newbie Room: Bet 0.1-10 (Newbie suggested).
  • Honor Room: Bet 1-100 (High rewards).
  • Joy Room: Bet 0.1-50 (Most Popular).

Mega Fishing Symbols

Starfish: When it dies, it creates a spinning water circle that can catch and kill nearby fish.

Bomb Crab: When it dies, it throws three bombs. These bombs can explode and kill any fish near them.

Drill Crab: When it dies, it drops a drill that moves around and explodes. This explosion can kill fish close to its path.

Special Weapons

Torpedoes: Shooting torpedoes costs six times your bet but can kill fish more easily.

Railgun: Shooting the railgun costs fifteen times your bet. If it kills a fish, it might start a chain reaction that hits more fish. If you kill a Drill Crab with it, you get the biggest possible prize.

Mega Fishing Paytable

In Mega Fishing, the paytable varies based on the type and size of fish you catch. Here’s a simple breakdown of typical payouts:

Fish Type Payout
Normal Fish 2x to 25x
Golden Gold Fish 40x
Golden Clown Fish 45x
Golden Jelly Fish 50x
Golden Manta Ray 55x
Huge Clown Fish 20x-125x
Huge Angel Fish 25x-150x
Huge Puffer Fish 30x-175x
Star Fish 60x
Bomb Crab 70x
Drill Crab 50-80x
Jaws 60x-120x
Giant Angler Fish 80x-320x
Gem Turtle 50x – 560x
Giant Crocodile 150x – 600x
Mega Octopus 100x – 950 x

Mega Fishing Exciting Features

Mega Fishing is packed with features that enhance gameplay and provide diverse ways to win:

Free Thunderbolt

  • When you shoot in the game, you build up energy. Once you have enough, you can click a button to use this energy for a big thunderbolt attack that hits many targets at once. 
  • The energy you get and the strength of the attack depends on how much you’re betting. After you use the energy for the attack, it resets to zero.
  • Any energy you’ve collected will reset to zero if you disconnect from the game or leave it for 3 minutes.

Giant Prize Fish

After special fish are killed, players can win consecutively and have a chance to win five times.

Immortal Boss

You can keep winning rewards when this boss appears by hitting it until it leaves the game.

Awakened Boss

After you defeat the Giant Crocodile, it starts its Awakening effect, which lets it attack other fish on the screen. The more fish it defeats, the bigger your rewards.

Mega Octopus Wheel

  • Once you defeat the octopus, you get to spin a wheel and the number it lands on is the multiplier you get for your score.
  • If you hit the Golden Wheel, you can spin again for a chance to win up to a 950x multiplier.

Mega Fishing Winning Strategies

Here are some key strategies to excel in Mega Fishing by Jili Gaming and maximize your winnings:

    1. Choose the Right Room: Beginners should start in the Newbie Room to familiarize themselves with the game mechanics without risking too much. More experienced players with a larger bankroll might prefer the Honor Room for higher stakes and potentially larger rewards. The Joy Room is a balanced option for regular play.
  • Utilize Special Weapons Wisely: To enhance performance in the Mega Fishing game, powerful tools or weapons are effective when facing valuable targets or during moments with high target density. 
  1. Monitor and Exploit the Paytable: Understand which fish offer the best return on your bet and focus on those. For example, targeting a Gem Turtle might be more beneficial than several smaller fish due to the higher payout range.
  2. Take Advantage of Bosses and Bonus Rounds: Fight strong bosses because they give many chances to win until they go away. Some bosses can take out many targets at once, which helps you win more. Also, beating big challenges can greatly increase your rewards. Always be ready to face these big challenges when they show up to get the most benefits.
  3. Manage Your Bets and Resources: Place higher bets for a short time when there are chances to win a lot, like when many valuable targets appear. Also, manage how much you spend on regular actions and special tools. Spending too much on special tools without careful planning can use your resources quickly and might not always lead to big wins.

Game Mechanics at Mega Fishing

Mega Fishing by Jili Gaming incorporates a variety of game mechanics that make it an engaging and interactive experience for players. Here’s a detailed discussion of these mechanics:

  • Mega Fishing by Jili Gaming offers lower bets ranging from 0.1 to 10, making it ideal for beginners.
  • Payouts vary depending on the type and size of fish caught. Check the paytable to understand the payouts.
  • Players accumulate energy while shooting, which can be used to summon a large-range thunderbolt attack. This provides a strategic layer to the gameplay, where players must decide the best moment to release their accumulated energy.
  • This game provides opportunities for consecutive wins after killing special fish.
  • After defeating the Mega Octopus, players get a chance to spin a wheel that can multiply their winnings, adding an element of luck and excitement to the game.
  • The game is designed to be intuitive and accessible. It allows players to understand how to play quickly and make strategic decisions about when to use special weapons and collect or deploy their accumulated energy.

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