Mermaid Hunter by KA Gaming

Mermaid Hunter, developed by KA Gaming, is an online fishing game that immerses players in a mythical underwater world. These legendary creatures guide players through underwater quests to uncover hidden treasures and explore many exciting features. For those interested in experiencing this adventure, Mermaid Hunter is available to play at 8K8 Online Casino.

Mermaid Hunter Key Information

Here’s a comprehensive overview of Mermaid Hunter by KA Gaming:

Detail Description
Game Title Mermaid Hunter
Developer KA Gaming
Released Date 2021-08-04
Game Type Fishing Games
Return to Player (RTP) 96%
Game Features Multiple Fish Types, Bonus Rounds, Power-Ups
Compatible Platforms Windows, Android, iOS, HTML5

Mermaid Hunter Game Playing Room

Here’s a breakdown of the betting levels in Mermaid Hunter by KA Gaming, each designed to suit different types of players:

  • Bronze Level: Bet Php 0.50 – Php 5. This level is perfect for beginners or those who prefer to play with lower risks.
  • Silver Level: Bet Php 5—Php 50. This is ideal for intermediate players looking to increase their potential winnings with a low stake.
  • Gold Level: Bet Php 50—Php 500. This level is suitable for experienced players who are confident in their strategies and willing to bet more for the chance of larger rewards.

Mermaid Hunter Paytable

In Mermaid Hunter, the amount you can win changes depending on the type and size of the fish you catch. Here is a basic breakdown of the usual payouts:

Symbol Payout
Beautiful Mermaid 50 x – 300x
Pirate 50 x -200 x
Octopus 40 x -70 x
Pirate Ship 30 x – 60 x
Purple Mermaid 20 x – 50 x
Dragon 30 x
Walrus 25 x
Fish 20 x – 2 x

Mermaid Hunter Exciting Features

Mermaid Hunter is filled with features that improve gameplay and offer various ways to win:

Electric EEL

Winning with this feature causes a chain reaction that eliminates several fish on the screen.

Bomb Fish

When you win with this feature, it causes an explosion that kills many fish around it.

Piggy Bank

This feature gives you a random prize of up to 50 times your bet and prevents all the fish on the screen from moving.


This feature lets you release several powerful bombs for free, which explode and kill fish nearby.

Mermaid Hunter Winning Strategies

In Mermaid Hunter by KA Gaming, here are some simple strategies that can help you do well and increase your chances of winning in this exciting underwater game:

  1. Choose Your Room Wisely: Pick a level that matches how much risk you want to take and how much money you have. Beginners might start with Bronze to risk less, while more experienced players might try Silver or Gold for higher rewards.
  2. Target High-Value Fish: Look at the game’s paytable to see which fish can give you the most money. Focus on catching high-value fish like the Beautiful Mermaid and Pirate when they appear. Using your bullets wisely when these fish are around can help you win more.
  3. Use Special Features Smartly: The game has several special features that can help you clear many fish at once or give you extra chances without using more bullets. 
  4. Understand the Game Mechanics: Remember that bullets keep bouncing off the edges until they hit a fish. Knowing this can help you plan where to shoot to increase your chances of hitting a fish.
  5. Take Advantage of Free Shots and Powerful Explosions: Occasionally, you can shoot for free or trigger powerful bomb explosions without additional cost. Use these opportunities to target crowded areas or high-value fish to maximize the impact and increase your chances of a big win.
  1. Utilize Chain Reactions and Bomb Explosions: Look for moments when you can start a chain reaction or a bomb explosion. These features can eliminate multiple fish simultaneously, greatly enhancing your scoring potential.
  1. Freeze Feature to Control the Gameplay: Use the freeze feature, which stops all fish on the screen from moving. This makes aiming and hitting multiple targets easier, especially when the screen is densely populated.

Game Mechanics at Mermaid Hunter

Mermaid Hunter by KA Gaming incorporates a variety of game mechanics that make it an engaging and interactive experience for players. Here’s a detailed discussion of these mechanics:

  • This is a fishing game where multiple players can join. The path of each bullet you shoot depends on the direction of your cannon.
  • When a bullet hits the edge of the game screen, it will bounce off until it hits a fish, which decides the game’s outcome.
  • Changing the cannon’s direction won’t affect bullets already shot.
  • All winnings are multiplied by the total bet. If you use a Power Bullet, your winnings are calculated by multiplying the bet you chose by the multiplier, not by the cost of the Power Bullet.
  • If there is a malfunction, all bets and games are voided.

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