Dragon Tiger by ViA Casino

Dragon Tiger, offered by ViA Casino, provides a straightforward and engaging casino experience. This game, which utilizes 8 standard decks totaling 416 cards, challenges players to predict whether the Dragon or the Tiger will reveal the higher card value.

If you want to try this simple yet captivating game, Dragon Tiger is available for play at 8K8 Online Casino.

Dragon Tiger Key Information

Here’s a summary of important details about Dragon Tiger by ViA Casino:

Attributes Details
Game Title Dragon Tiger
Developer ViA Casino
Released Date 2023-07-19
Game Type Live Casino Games
Return to Player (RTP) 97.85%
Compatible Platforms Windows, Android, iOS, and HTML5

How to Play Dragon Tiger

Here’s a simple guide to playing Dragon Tiger at 8k8 Casino:

  1. Choose Your Table and Place Your Bet: Visit the Dragon Tiger section of ViA Casino and select a table with available seats and betting limits that suit you.
  2. Place your Bet: Once you’re seated, choose your chip value and place your bet on either the “Dragon,” “Tiger,” or “Tie” section of the betting layout on the table.
  3. Watch the Cards Get Dealt: The dealer will first deal with a single face-down card, often called the “burn card,” discarded and unused in the game. This is a common practice in many card games. Following the burn card, the dealer will deal a single face-down card to each Dragon and Tiger betting spot.
  4. The Reveal and Outcome: Once the betting ends, the dealer will turn over or reveal the cards for both Dragon and Tiger. Compare the values of the Dragon and Tiger cards. The higher card value wins!
  5. Determine the Winner: If you bet on the winning side (Dragon or Tiger), you’ll receive a payout based on the specific odds and your bet amount. Tie bets typically have a much higher payout but are less likely to win

Dragon Tiger Bet Types

In Dragon Tiger by ViA Casino, you have several betting options, each offering different payouts and odds.

Dragon: If the value of the 2 cards is equal, you lose half of your bet.

Tiger: If the value of the 2 cards is equal, you lose half of your bet.

Tie: If the Dragon or Tiger card has a higher value and you bet on Tie, you lose your entire wager.


The paytable shows the payout ratios for different bet types:

Bet Type Odds
Dragon 1:1 
Tiger 1:1
Tie 1:11
Dragon Odd 1:0.75
Tiger Odd 1:0.75
Dragon Even 1:1.05
Tiger Even 1:1.05
Dragon Red 1:0.9
Tiger Red 1: 0.9
Dragon Black 1: 0.9
Tiger Black 1: 0.9

Advantages of Playing Dragon Tiger

  1. Simple to Understand: Dragon Tiger offers straightforward rules, making it accessible to new and experienced players. With minimal complexity, players can easily learn the gameplay.
  2. High Return to Player (RTP): With a reported Return to Player (RTP) of 97.85%, Dragon Tiger by ViA Casino offers favorable odds to players, increasing the chances of winning and potential returns on their bets.
  3. Variety of Betting Options: Dragon Tiger provides players with many betting options, allowing them to choose the wagering strategy that best suits their preferences and risk appetite. Whether betting on Dragon, Tiger, or Tie, players have the flexibility to tailor their approach.
  4. Live Casino Experience: Dragon Tiger by ViA Casino is a live-dealer game that delivers an immersive and authentic casino experience. Interact with expert dealers in real-time.
  5. Regular Updates and Enhancements: Developed by ViA Casino, Dragon Tiger benefits from regular updates and enhancements, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. Players can expect new features and improvements to further enhance gameplay over time.

Game Mechanics of Dragon Tiger

Here’s the game mechanics of Dragon Tiger by ViA Casino: 

  1. In Dragon Tiger by ViA Casino, the card type, like hearts or spades, doesn’t matter. We’re only looking at the points on the cards. Kings are worth the most, and Aces are worth the least.
  2. The goal is to see which side, Dragon or Tiger, has more points on their cards. If they have the same points, it’s a tie.
  3. The dealer starts by putting a card face down as a skip card. Then, they deal a card to the Dragon and another to the Tiger. The side with the higher points wins.
  4. You can also bet on whether the total points of the cards will be odd or even or if they’ll be red or black. But after 30 rounds, these bets aren’t allowed anymore.
  5. Sometimes, the system might have trouble reading the cards. If that happens, the dealer will scan the card again until the system reads it. If it still can’t be read, the round is canceled, and bets are returned.
  6. If there’s a mistake in how the game was settled, it will be corrected based on the video of the game.

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Are you ready to place your bet? Let’s explore the exciting world of Dragon Tiger, which ViA Casino developed! With various betting options, you will have endless opportunities to win. Experience the excitement and play Dragon Tiger at 8k8 Casino today!

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