Oneshot Fishing by CQ9 Gaming

Oneshot Fishing by CQ9 Gaming offers an opportunity to explore a vibrant underwater world filled with colorful fish. This game is about catching fish and includes exciting challenges and bonus rounds to enhance the experience. Players are encouraged to strategize effectively to achieve significant rewards possibly.

This game, available at 8K8, invites players to collect all dragon balls to summon Shenlong and strive to win the final treasure.

Oneshot Fishing Key Information

Let’s delve into the specifics of Oneshot Fishing by CQ9 Gaming:

Detail Description
Game Title Oneshot Fishing 
Developer CQ9 Gaming
Released Date 2021-11-06
Game Type Fishing Games
Max Win x500
Return to Player (RTP) 96%
Game Features Bomb Fish, Fortune God, Dragon Soul Reward, and more.
Compatible Platforms Windows, Android, iOS, HTML5

Oneshot Fishing Game Playing Room

Oneshot Fishing offers players three distinct betting levels:

  • Newbie: Bet from Php 0.10 to Php 1. Great for beginners or those who want low risks.
  • Expert: Bet between Php 1 and Php 10. It is ideal for players with some experience aiming for higher winnings without risking too much.
  • Master: Wager from Php 10 to Php 100. This is designed for skilled players willing to bet more for the chance of bigger rewards.

Oneshot Fishing Exciting Features

Discover the captivating features that make Oneshot Fishing a thrilling experience:

Bomb Fish

Trigger a large-scale explosion and have a chance to capture fish on the scene.

Fortune God

Fortune, God is coming! Players can gain a 100x – 300x bonus before they leave the screen.

Dragon Ball Turtle

It will show up at Level 1. After he dies, you will get one Dragon Ball and a 25x – 75x bonus.

Dragon Ball Black Turtle

It will show up at Level 2. After he dies, you will get one Black Dragon Ball and a 50x -100x bonus.


Boss of Level 1. Players could gain 50x – 500x big bonus

Dark Shenlong

  • Boss of Level 1. Players could gain 75x – 1000x big bonus!

Dragon Soul Reward


  • Trigger Dragon Soul randomly enters the level. Players have a chance to get a 10x – 100x bonus!

Oneshot Fishing Paytable

In Oneshot Fishing by CQ9 Gaming, the paytable offers a variety of rewards depending on the fish you manage to reel in. Here’s a breakdown of the payouts:

Symbol Payout
Fortune God 100x – 300x
Dragon Ball Black Turtle 50x – 100x
Shenlong 50x – 500x
Dark Shenlong 75x – 1000x
Dragon Ball Turtle 25x – 75x
Dragon Soul  10x – 100x
Golden Frog 100x
Gold Fish 80x
Normal Fish 2x – 50x

Oneshot Fishing Winning Strategies

In Oneshot Fishing by CQ9 Gaming, there are several strategies players can use to boost their chances of winning. Let’s explore these strategies:

  1. Precision Aiming and Shooting: Utilize the virtual fishing rod to aim and shoot at fish accurately, particularly targeting high-value species. Precision and timing are vital for successful catches, especially with lucrative targets.
  2. Ammunition Management: Manage the limited number of bullets efficiently, typically ranging from 20 to 100. Prioritize shots to catch valuable fish throughout the game, ensuring you have enough ammunition for optimal gameplay.
  3. Smart Betting: Strategically place bets to anticipate potential winnings before each round. Three betting levels—Newbie, Royal, and Expert—cater to different skill levels and risk preferences. Choose the level that suits your experience and desired rewards.
  4. Strategic Targeting: Understand the payout rates of different fish types listed in the paytable. Target high-value fish to maximize earnings, focusing on species like Fortune God, Shenlong, and Dark Shenlong, which offer substantial rewards.
  5. Adaptation to Special Features: Capitalize on special elements like Bomb Fish, Fortune God, and Dragon Soul. These features provide opportunities for bonus rewards and add excitement to the gameplay. Adjust your strategies accordingly to make the most of these features.
  6. Dragon Soul Bonus Round: Trigger the Dragon Soul randomly to enter a bonus level, where you can earn rewards ranging from 10x to 100x. Embrace this feature’s unpredictability and leverage it to enhance your winnings.

Game Mechanics at Oneshot Fishing

Game mechanics at Oneshot Fishing involve several key elements that contribute to the overall gameplay experience:

  • Players use a virtual fishing rod to catch fish by aiming and shooting on the screen. Precision and timing are crucial, especially for catching high-value targets.
  • Players have a limited number of bullets, usually between 20 to 100, and must manage them wisely to catch valuable fish throughout the game. Strategic targeting is essential.
  • Before each round, players place bets to predict potential winnings. The game offers three betting levels – Newbie, Royal, and Expert – catering to different player experiences and risk preferences.
  • The game features various fish types with different payout rates. Understanding these rates helps players strategically target high-value fish to maximize earnings.
  • Oneshot Fishing includes special elements like Bomb Fish, Fortune God, and others, adding excitement and opportunities for bonus rewards. Players must adapt their strategies to capitalize on these features.
  • Triggering the Dragon Soul randomly takes players to a level where they can earn bonus rewards ranging from 10x to 100x. This adds unpredictability and excitement to the gameplay.

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