Ancient Creatures by FunTa Gaming

Ancient Creatures is an online slot game developed by FunTa Gaming, featuring a prehistoric theme. The game has a 3-reel layout with 15 paylines, making it accessible for players of various skill levels. Ancient Creatures includes several dynamic features designed to enhance the gaming experience and potentially increase the likelihood of winning.

The game is available to play at 8K8 for those interested in exploring the prehistoric theme and trying their luck with the unique features offered by Ancient Creatures.

Ancient Creatures Key Information

Here’s an overview of the important details about Ancient Creatures by FunTa Gaming:

Detail Description
Game Title Ancient Creatures
Developer FunTa Gaming
Released Date 2020-12-13
Game Type Video Slots
Return to Player (RTP) 97.01%
Paylines 15
Game Features Wild, Multiplier, Free Spins
Compatible Platforms Windows, Android, iOS, HTML5

Ancient Creatures Paytable

Understanding the paytable of Ancient Creatures is important for maximizing your winnings. Here’s what you can expect from the different symbols:

Symbol Cluster of 3
Caveman (Wild) 10x
Sabre tooth tiger 8x
Pink troll 4x
Mammoth 2x
Gorilla 1x
Bird 0.5x
Purple Armadillo 0.2x

Ancient Creatures Exciting Features

Explore the Ancient Creatures’ captivating features and prepare to be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams. Here are they:

Wild Multiplier

  • Wild symbols can replace any other symbols except the Crocodile Scatter. 
  • If a wild symbol with an x2 multiplier appears, that multiplier will increase the payout of any winning combinations it’s part of.
  •  If multiple multipliers are part of a winning line, their values will be multiplied.

Free Spins

  • Activating the free spins feature requires three or more scatter symbols. You’ll receive 10 free spins. 
  • The Wild might appear as a ‘WILD?’ symbol during these free spins. This symbol will then turn into a regular Wild or a Wild with a multiplier of x2, x3, x4, or x5!

Ancient Creatures Winning Strategies

To enhance your chances of winning at “Ancient Creatures” by FunTa Gaming, here are several effective strategies based on the game’s features:

  1. Use Wild Multipliers Wisely

Optimize Wild Symbols: In Ancient Creatures, wild symbols can replace other symbols except the Crocodile Scatter, helping you complete winning combinations.

Take Advantage of Multipliers: When wild symbols appear with multipliers (like x2, x3, x4, or x5), they increase the payout of the lines they complete. If more than one multiplier is part of a win, their effects multiply together, boosting your potential winnings significantly.

  1. Aim to Trigger Free Spins

How to Get Free Spins: You activate free spins by landing three or more scatter symbols. This gives you ten free spins where wilds can become ‘WILD?’ symbols, potentially revealing even larger multipliers.

Strategy for Free Spins: Since free spins can lead to higher payouts due to possible multipliers on wilds, it’s wise to manage your bets to ensure you play long enough to trigger this feature.

  1. Analyze the Payouts

Know Your Symbols: It’s important to understand which symbols pay the most, such as the Caveman (Wild) and Sabre tooth tiger, so you know what to look for during the game.

Focus on Clusters: Since winnings are calculated based on clusters of symbols, aim to form these clusters with high-value symbols for bigger payouts.

  1. Bet Smartly

Manage Your Budget: Adjust your bet size based on your total bankroll to ensure you can keep playing through dry spells. The game’s high RTP of 97.01% indicates that it pays out generously over time, but you still need to manage your money wisely.

  1. Be Aware of Game Errors

Monitor Performance: Stay alert for game malfunctions, as these void all plays and payouts. If you notice anything unusual, report it immediately to ensure fair play.

Game Mechanics at Ancient Creatures

The mechanics of Ancient Creatures are designed to provide both simplicity and depth:

  1. Ancient Creatures is a video slot game that features 3 reels and 15 paylines. 
  2. The game includes a payout table with six standard symbols. 
  3. The game offers multiple opportunities to land winning combinations on each spin.
  4. When you win, a multiplier is applied to your total bet to determine your winnings, which are then paid out in credits. 
  5. It’s important to note that if the game malfunctions, all current plays and payouts will be voided.

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